Jesus is the Son of God, fully God and fully man. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was unjustly tried, crucified, and buried but rose on the third day to conquer death and provide salvation for all who believe in Him. He is the Head of the Church, His bride, and has said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6). He has promised to return to earth and we eagerly await the fulfillment of that promise. 



The Bible is God's Word; His inerrant, Holy Spirit-inspired truth as related through historical account, doctrinal treatise, prophetic and poetic teaching, and wisdom literature. It describes a wonderful paradise called Heaven and a nightmarish place called Hell, both of which are real and will be inhabited fro eternity by humans. The destiny of all mankind under the Law was hell, but the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ is God's restoration of our relationship with Him, giving us access to Heaven. 



All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, separating man from Him in a way that requires the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to redeem us. To accept the gift of grace and cleanse us form our sin, we must hear the Good News of Jesus, believe He has died for our sins, confess that He is Lord and Savior, repent of our sins, and be immersed to mark the day we committed ourselves publicly to Him. As His disciples, we believe in eternal life in heaven and abundant life on earth are possible through Him. 

We believe every person is valuable to, sacred to, and loved by God from conception until death. Therefore we affirm and value all human life. 

Because we view the Bible as inerrant, we believe in the teaching of the sanctity of marriage shared between one man and one woman. 



The church is the Body of Christ, each member valuable with a role to play in the life of the Body. A description of the practices of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles provides a framework for our structure and organization. We are governed by Elders and Deacons and share communion each Sunday morning. 

Membership is voluntary, not mandatory, and comes with the expectation that the member participate in weekly services, take advantage of opportunities to grow in faith, serve in some capacity, give to the mission of the local body, and support the leadership as long as decisions made bring glory to God. The staff and leadership will provide for the member teaching, opportunity, encouragement, and partnership in the pursuit of the life of a disciple. All members must be immersed believers.