I was trying to think of one pivotal moment that has transformed my faith and I couldn’t. It was a collection of moments in my life. Moments that has led me down the path with my relationship with God.

Growing up my family was not very religious nor did they go to church. It all started though when my grandma would pick me up and took me with her periodically. I loved when the preacher would call the children forward and we would be the children of God; innocent, honest, pure, and joyous, listening contently as the pastor would tell us a story.

Now, fast forward to the next influential time in my life where I was brought to church with many friends during my young age. I participated in many activities and church groups. It was very influential and I loved it! During this time many of friends were being baptized. I remember it being a big deal and kind of understood what it meant. I was baptized soon after. I don’t regret doing it; however I didn’t truly know what it meant then.

During my teenage years I stopped going to church as much and lost my way. I became pregnant at the young age of 19 out of wedlock. It wasn’t until I was a single mother that I found my way back to church. Being at church was hard because I felt judged by many members of the church. However, going to church helped me through this difficult time in my life. I had a lot of guilt but I eventually felt like God knew all my faults and forgave me anyway.

The next monumental time of my life was when I lost many loved ones. I lost my uncle, dad, grandpa, and grandma. As difficult as this time was, I knew my loved ones were is a wonderful place I only dreamt to be one day. The one thing that got me through was I would repeat to myself, “That God sent His only Son to Earth who died for us”. I didn’t become angry, I found acceptance that He understood what I was going through.  I felt as though His arms were around me walking with me and helping me through this time.

My recent moment was coming to Faith Church of Christ and meeting Pastor Michael. I have connected to his sermons like never before. They touch my soul and resonate with me until the following week. I feel like I know God more than I ever have before. I want to follow the path God as laid for me and follow out His work. More importantly I know I can’t do this on my own, I need His help. I want my kids to know who He is and accept Him into their hearts. I am so happy Jeremiah and I decided to find a church for our family to join and recommitted my life to the Lord.